Dragon Rampant Heavy Foot.

I’ve finally managed to rebase the Mantic Revenants onto round bases. Going to use these as heavy foot and have two units in my first 24 point army.


I bought a tub of summer grass so they match just a little bit better with the gaming mat I have. You’d never guess from the photo, but it definitely is a closer fit than the original spring grass I was using.


Still undecided about tarnishing the metalwork further. It looks ok as is, just feel it should be a lot less shiny given the state of the bloke wearing it. Will have to do a test model and see what a bit of rust does to them.





Dragon Rampant Undead.

I’ve started putting together a warband for Dragon Rampant from some Mantic Undead figures that haven’t seen the light of day for five years.


This motley lot are going to be a unit of Light Foot. I was considering experimenting with pigments or GW technical paints to rust them up a bit, so any advice on the best way to go would be appreciated.


Next up is the necromancer, an old Gamezone choas wizard. I used him as a Heavy Missle unit in my one and only test game so far, so it will be interesting to see how that changes as things go along.


Last is a Gamezone vampire, who I’m running as an Elite Foot unit. The rest of warband it will be made up of my Heavy Foot Grave Guard, which may well be the next post.

It’s a start.